January 6 - January 12

What to Expect

If you’ve opted in for this week you can expect this bright bouquet on Wednesday if you’re in Vancouver, Thursday if you’re in Richmond & Surrey, or on Friday if you’re on the North Shore & in Burnaby or Coquitlam.

In the Box

In the box you’ll find fragrant colourful matthiolas, white and cream chrysanthemums, and pink tulips.

In the Vase

Our flowers will be laid out head to tail, carefully remove your stems from the tissue paper and trim ¼ of an inch of the bottom of each stem as you begin arranging them in your vase. Add one pack of flower food and read your flower care guide!

In Bloom

We can’t wait for you to see this week’s bouquet! Let this bright bouquet carry you through the holiday season. Give the tulips a few days to grow tall and open up and they’ll shine all week long.

This Weeks Stems


Also known as Stocks, these beautiful fragrant flowers make up the centrepiece of this week's bouquet. These gorgeous flowers are grown at Ravanek Greenhouse in Chilliwack and we simply can’t get enough of them.

Spray Chrysanthemums

These chrysanthemums come from Dutch Heritage Greenhouse in Chilliwack. They last forever and will keep getting better and better. They love flower food so make sure to retrim the stems after the first week and add that second pack of food.

Jumbo Tulips

These bulbs stems come from Langley BC and we are welcoming them back with open arms! Our favourite party trick is watching the tulips grow 10cm over their first few days in water, it’s so cool! Their heads can get a little waterlogged so we recommend pricking the stem just below the head with a pin to keep them upright.

Tips and Tricks

When your flowers arrive they may look a little tired, but fear not, they will perk right up once they have some water!

Cut all of your stems at a 45 degree angle and trim off the leaves below the water line.

Be sure to add your flower food, it makes a world of difference!

After 3-4 days, recut your stems, change the water and add the second pack of flower food.

Some of your flowers may last longer than others, freshen up the arrangement by pruning the spent stems.